>Ultimate K-9 Bodyguards was established in 1999
>Owner and head trainer Stan "Stano" Thankachen has been involved with the Security/Personal Protection industry for the past 28 years, in different applications. The majority of his experience comes from working as a Bouncer/Doorman in a couple of the most popular and infamous Nightclubs Calgary has ever seen, one being the Kings Horse/Fox & Firkin Tavern on the now defunct, but world renowned dangerous, bloodiest strip of bars -ELECTRIC AVENUE(most recently portrayed on the small screen in "To Serve and Protect" as well as "Real Video-Caught on Tape"). Stan also spent a number of years at the prestigious Palace Nightclub on the world famous Stephen Avenue Mall. He was also private security/bodyguard to many famous faces that frequented the club, such as Jackie Chan, Jon Cusack, many bands and hip hop acts such as Shaggy, Naughty by Nature, Maestro Fresh Wes, 98 degrees, Ricky J, Kim Mitchell, Headstones, Nazareth, Dr Hook, Big Sugar, April Wine, B.B. King, and the Mathew Goode Band, Stan also worked security at private functions for big international companies such as S.M.E.D and Mike Miles Kickboxing fight cards(XFC)
>Stan holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is an avid Mixed Martial Arts and No Holds Barred fan who has delved in some Brazilian Ju Jitsu and basic Grappling. Together with his wife Tammy, they own Oku Damashi Martial Arts Dojo in Langdon, Alberta, where Tammy is the Chief Instructor.
>Stan's been training dogs for about 26 years and training dogs for protection around 24 years. His family raised Alsations (GSD's) growing up in their native homeland. Stan got into security with dogs when he purchased his first Doberman "Psycho Zeus" back in 1994. He felt the need to have a sense of security for his wife and kids, while they were left at home alone while Stan would work into the early hours and had many death threats towards him and his family as retaliation for being ejected out of some of these establishments. Within that same year Stan purchased his second Doberman "King Hercules". He then got them into Protection Dog Training, which was a very rare and hard to find thing in this part of the country. He did find a couple of local trainers, but after speaking with them, he found they did not share the same philosophy as Stan did, or it was just too sport orientated, or just plain expensive! On the verge of sending his dogs out of province for training,