The above picture shows "Strykker" or as some call him "THE BEAST", at 17 months old, 2.5 and 4yrs old, 29 inches at the withers and 135 pounds in super working condition. Currently at almost 7 years old Strykker is weighing in at a whopping 145 pounds. Strykker came from Rustic Kennels in Ontario Canada, bred by Angela Canning. His sire is none other than the legendary Champion Aragorn del Rustic, who is from the most sought after Italian bloodline, Dyrium. Aragorn's father was from one of the very last litters bred by Vito Inderveri of Dyrium Kennels and from the most promising litter bred by Dyrium. Aragorn's father is a 5th generation Dyrium bred dog!! Strykker's dam is Jewels, a huge, aggressive blue brindle female weighing in at 165 pounds before her passing. Jewels bloodline consists mainly of Degli Olmi lines and pedigree includes world renowned international Champion "Reubens". Strykker is great with kids, weary of strangers, possesses good temperment, stable nerves, very athletic, great confirmation, great size, massive head and a very, very high work drive! Strykker is the poster boy for Ultimate K9 Bodyguards, with his famous open mouth mug shot taken at only 9 months old! Strykker is chestnut brindle with no white patches and very nice markings.
Clients Comments : Strykker is the most intense dog we have ever seen! He is also the most intimidating dog we ever seen! His eyes are crazy, he looks like something out of space!


The above picture shows "Vika" at 22 months old, 3.5 and 4 years old, 24 inches at the withers, and a solid 90 pounds. Currently at 7 years old she weighs 100 pounds. Vika comes from long time producer of Champion Cane Corso, Borealis Kennels in New York, USA. Her lineage reveals grand champions in her close pedigree. Vika's sire is Bel Monte's Samuel, whose father and grand father are Rocco and Cocomo, two of the most prolific studs in U.S. history. Her dam is Champion pointed Borealis Rus Rosalinda, with her main bloodlines being Alaric. Vika is wonderful with kids, possesses stable nerves and has a real eager to please attitude, with very good drives, very athletic, great hindquarters, as well as a very nice head type! Vika is a chocolate brown brindle.

Clients Comments : Vika is such a pretty dog with a very sweet temperment. Her size is handy, as it is not too overwhelming. Vika is a visual mini-me of Strykker, just in a female version.


R.I.P. - SEPT.15, 1999 TO SEPT.13, 2008
Unfortunately we had to lay Maya to rest back in September of 2008. Maya was loved by all who had met her, a real old soul, with a beautiful tempermant and a clownish personality. She was the true matriach of the Ultimate K-9 family, often seen playing with all the puppies from the litters we produced. Even though she was spayed at a very young age, and never could have her own puppies, she raised Strykker, Raven, Fury, Miss T. and Rogue like they were her own. Even though she spent less than an year with Rogue, she really took a liking to him, like we've never seen before, and he felt the same way about her. After her passing, Rogue was really, really sad, looking for his Big Mama, all over the property. To this day Rogue still never goes in the pen where Maya passed away. We love you Big Mama, and you will remain in our hearts forever. Have a peaceful journey to see the rest of your Ultimate K-9 friends at the Rainbow's Bridge.

The above picture shows "Maya" better known as Big Mama at 4,6,and 7 years old, 25 inches at the withers and 115 pounds, which would be considered a large female. Maya comes from the now defunct kennel called Brutus in Ontario. Her Dam is Agata, an import Delgi Olmi Kennels (Corinni), whose father is Reubens and mother is Ambra. Maya's pedigree includes Nico (a Reubens Son) and Panther, a black old world nasty, very aggressive, strong nerved, hard to handle dogs which also includes very old dogs such as Elio, Diesel, Ulyssess and Beatrice. Maya adores all kids, has a great personality towards people but can turn it on when she has to. She possesses huge bone substance, incredible muscularity and a big head! She is a very dominant female when it comes to other dogs, as she has stirred up quite a bit of "mayhem" around our kennel, but we still love her the same. Maya is the fawn color.

Clients Comments :Maya is so cut, she has a very built physique, with a huge chest, rippling muscle striations, and a small waist, true bodybuilder type! She looks sweet, but you'd be surprised!


The above picture shows "Raven" or as we like to call her, RaeRae at 19 months old, 23 inches at the withers, and 80 pounds, which is the lower end of the scale for females. Currently at 5 years old she is a solid 90 pounds. However do not let the size fool ya, as she a bundle of dynamite ready to explode. Her drive and tenacity definately are trademarks of her father, Strykker. As the saying goes "Big things come in small packages" definately holds true for this firey female. Raven was the female we kept from our first Strykker x Vika breeding in Nov.2004. We showed her when she was 6 months of age and the same size as most of the other pups in her group at the time. Raven took home Best of Opposite Sex and Winner's Bitch at this showing under a recognized CKC judge. As she got older she never really got taller, just a little wider and heavier, thus our plans to show her siezed. When the time comes we will use Raven in our breeding program to Fury. This should balance off some of the hard temperment drives, as Fury is more relaxed. Raven is wonderful with kids, possesses stable nerves and has a real eager to please attitude, with high drive, and a very nice head type! Raven is a black brindle.

Clients Comments : RayRay is a very, very pretty dog with a very dominant temperment. She is of smaller size, but of bigger attitude. The first one to hit the fence at the greeting, LOL!


The above pictures show "Fury" at 13 months and 18 months old(the latter being the ones in the back of the truck), 26 inches at the withers, and 115 pounds(13mon) and 125 pounds(18mon), which is on the bigger spectrum of the standard at such a young age. Currently at 4 years old Fury is 27" and 135 pounds. We are estimating he may reach over 140 pounds!!! He is sporting a 30inch head already, a definate trademark of his blend of Dyrium and Big Taurus lines. A little more "wet" looking than we prefer, he is loosing some of the turkey neck and loose jowels that were quite apparent when he was younger. Now Fury has turned into a very, very beautiful, handsome young man, who has very many admirer's. He possesses very heavy bone substance, very THICK throughout his entire body! This makes him a bit slower on the working side of things, but that's okay, as he can still get er' done! Fury was born on December 10, 2005 and was pick male from the "controversial" Corso Pugliese Club of Canada test breeding. His parents are none other than the Legenday Ch. Aragorn x Ch.Big Taurus Mona Lisa, both out of Ontario, Canada. This unique blend of both Italian and American lines, proves once again, that you can have the best of both worlds. Our plans are to use Fury in our breeding program with our own females and our placed females, when he is of age. He is not as drivey as some of our other dogs, but that could be due to his age. Fury is a very loveable type of dog, often coming to sit on your feet and get "pets". His temperment should be a good offset to some of our harder females. Fury is black brindle.

Clients Comments : Fury is just a big teddy bear. His sheer size alone is quite imposing, but once you get to know him, he is quite soft and cuddly! At the same time he can be quite serious when it's called for. He is definately dominant when it comes to other male dogs.


R.I.P. - April 05, 2007 TO October 30, 2009
Unfortunately our beloved Miss T. passed away in a sudden and very tragic death back on October 30, 2009. She was such a kind soul who loved everyone, especially kids so so much. Just like butter, she had a very soft heart, that could make anyone melt with her infectious personality. We were fortunate enough to have a litter with Miss T. in November of 2008, and from this we kept her daughter Willow. It is now thru Willow, that we shall have fond memories of her mom. Miss T. was probably the best mom to her puppies out of all our dam's, and it is such a sad shame that she will not get to enjoy another whelping. We miss you so much Miss T. and hope you have a peaceful journey to the Rainbow's bridge where you will once again be united with your real mom El Tigra and your "adopted" grandma Big Mama.

The above pictures show Miss T. at 11 weeks old, 6 months, and 22 months old. Currently Miss T. weighs about 90 pounds, but we are estimating she will fininsh around 100 pounds at 3 years old. Miss T. was out of the April 2007 litter from the El Tigra x Kane breeding. She is laid back but has some spunk when she wants too. A very gentle and loving personality like her name implies, she has very many fans of her own. Our plans for her, are to use her in our program linebred with males such as Fury, Sabre, and Strykker when the time is right and health is perfect. Miss T. is the red fawn color.

Clients Comments : Miss T. is such a love bug, whose coat is a direct reflection of her name and personality, Buttercup. She will just melt your heart away!


The above pictures show Rogue at 9 weeks, and 12 months old at 130 pounds and is going to be a future giant, like his grandma "Jewels" who weighed in at 165 pounds. Rogue is out of our November 2007 litter from Strykker x Vika. He was the only blue in the litter of 9, so we wanted to keep him, as it was also our first blue dog. He has a very loving temperment, and is good around all other dogs. He does have that mean aggressive streak in him when it's time to boogie, but is fairly laid back most of the time, which makes him an excellent candidate for protection and guard dog training. Like his daddy Strykker, he is also very agile for his big size. Again if all works out, we plan to use him in our breeding program with future Dam's. Rogue is the blue brindle color.

Clients Comments : Man, he is huge! He is going to be a freak of nature! With his huge melon and amber eyes, he looks like a lion! We love Rogue, he is such a sweet young boy!