Our goal at Ultimate K-9 Bodyguards is to help make your dog an effective personal protector and quintessential guard dog. His mission will be to ultimately protect yourself, your family and or your property and valuables, all the while being able to switch attitude and character in an instance on command. This assures a very safe, confident family pet which would be safe to have around the children and non threatening situations, but always ready and willing to protect when their called upon.
Now imagine if you or someone in your family is about to be a victim of a home invasion or even an assault. Naturally your dog will bark and try to help, but does he or she really know what to do? Most dogs will not bite even under threat display, unless taught what to do and have the self-confidence to back it up.
Here at Ultimate K-9 Bodyguards, we will attain confidence by teaching them and periodically reinforce the training as necessary. You will be amazed at what your dog can do! And it doesn't have to be a large breed to be effective. Our P.P.C.(Personal Protection Course) preps the dogs up first with Basic Obedience Training. This includes exercises in socialization skills, heeling, sitting, laying down, staying, right turn, left turn, U-turn, come, no, slalom, heel from a distance or coming to a heel, and the long down. The dogs also learn some basic agility, such as the hurdles, A-frame, and the broad jump. They also learn a little about tracking, and scent discrimination, but just the beginning, as this stage is part of the level 2 or advanced training. From here we start the training for bitework, which includes temperament testing, agitation work, building prey drive and moving onto building fight drive and introduction of the soft sleeve and then the hard sleeve. All of our training is taught with either German or English verbal commands, the preference is yours. This type of training is not a SPORT. This is not Schutzhund or Ring sport. This is REAL, proven techniques and methods used in the street. This is about survival! This is no joke, but very serious business. However if you are looking to have fun and participate in contests that measure success in points and titles, we now offer protection sports such as PSA, French Ring or have IGP/Schuthund clubs we affiliate with. Protection Dog Training is not for everyone, nor should it be.
Last, but not least, one important thing to realize is we do not train your dog to be an attack dog that just bites for the simple reason it knows how to. We train the dog to be self confident, self conscious, alert and always aware of its surroundings and settings. We train the dog to be a true bodyguard or personal protector, coming to your aid in threatening or dangerous situations. Our sound philosophy promotes stability, not a liability in a dog.


Updated prices for our courses effective November 2023. We now offer protection sports training, specifically PSA (Protection Sports Association). Home of Ultimate K9 Bodyguards PSA Club - TEAM UK9BG, Western Canada's first, biggest and most successful PSA club with the only 2 certified decoys in Alberta along with Canada's first and only PSA 3 (1st leg) dog Stano's Ultimate Vato Loco owned by our son Shaun Thankachen and bred by us !!
Still located in Chestermere

Wild West Showdown 4 Working K-9 Weekend Seminar and Competition
August 23,24, and 25 2013

UK9BG Mourns The Loss Of It's Top K-9 Soldier

It is with a very heavy heart and much regret that we annouce the passing of a legend. Our beloved and most treasured dog, Strykker del Rustic was laid to rest on the morning of Tuesday February 05, 2013.

He was the most amazing, magnificent speciman of a canine we have ever been owned by! He gave us so much for so little in return, we couldn't have asked for a better dog. He was one in a million and we were blessed to own such a wonderful best friend and protector. He will be greatly missed everyday, but his memories will live on forever in our hearts.

RIP "Stano's Ultimate Strykker del Rustic", aka Mr. Bigg, aka Mr. Del Rustic, aka Strykkie, aka Chewy, aka howabout2BIG, and of course The Beast. March 22, 2003 - February 05, 2013 You can check out more pics of him by clicking the following Facebook link below:

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Wild West Showdown 3 Working K-9 Weekend Seminar and Competition
June 29, 30 and July 01 2012

****RECENT NEWS UPDATE - February 08/13****
Well our good friends up at GameStaff Kennels in Drumheller have tried a second time to breed our Fury with their Reena. We tried last year but they did not tie, so it was an unsuccessful breeding. This time they were together they tied 5 times in a row, so hopefully Reena will be having some pups in late March/early April 2013! Look below for more details about this breeding.

***Upcoming Cane Corso Breeding Annoucement!! Ultimate K-9's Big Taurus Furious Styles del Rustic "Fury" to "Reena" del Tocci Toro were bred the third week in January 2013. Look for some big pups out of this breeding as both parents are big Corso's! Reena is an imported Italian female out the Tocci Toro Kennels in Calabria Italy. She is co-owned with our good friend in Drumheller Jacob Suezle from GameStaff Kennels. This whelping will be done at his place, as he is the primary owner of Reena. The pups should possess really nice temperments, great confidence, good health, great substance and some interesting colors as the sire is black brindle and the dam is full blue. Taking deposits now and recommend reserving now, as there are already half the litter spoken for! All potential buyers will be subject to an application screening process. . Contact Stan at (403)510-1572 or email at stan@ultimatek9bodyguards.com. More details coming soon.

Big Taurus Furious Styles del Rustic "Fury"


"Reena" del Tocci Toro

***Latest Litter #8 Annoucement!! All puppies sold!! Thanks to all that enquired, look for our next litter Spring of 2013!

We are pleased and excited to tell you that Stano's Ultimate Son of the Beast "Rogue" x Stano's Ultimate Weeping "Willow" puppies were whelped starting on the eve of May 09/12 and lasted till the next morning around 10:30 am. After a long labor, Mama Willow pushed out 11 beautiful vibrant pups, all the color blue. There were 7 females and 4 males in this litter. Some huge monsters in this litter like always, but the rest seem pretty consistent in size!

Stano's Ultimate Son of the Beast "Rogue"


Stano's Ultimate Weeping "Willow"

"Reno" our Belgian Malinois from Holland

There will be no classes if the weather drops below
-20 degrees ! Thank you.

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UK9BG Presents the Cane Corso.


New pics on following pages:
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Canada's Top Breeder of True Working Cane Corso
(Look on our Breeds Page to learn and see more pics about this impressive breed of dog)

Preserving the "Old World Rustic Look Temperment and Size"
"While never sacrificing the working ablilities this dog was originally bred for"
Trainer's of this breed since 1997
Owners of the breed since 2000
Breeder's of these magnificent dogs since 2004!
One of the first in Western Canada to own the Cane Corso breed!


"Home to Canada's Hardest Hitting, Legendary Cane Corso and World's Scariest Dog"
(rated by the 2005 WildWest Working Dog Showdown;quoted by Calgary radio legend CJAY 92's Gerry Forbes from the Toughest Ever Contest)

VIBE 98.5 Chad vs. Fuzzy vs. Strykker Contest

***Latest Litter #7 Annoucement!! All puppies sold!! Thanks to all that enquired, look for our next litter Spring of 2012!
11 Cane Corso Puppies born on September 17, 2010 from Stano's Ultimate "El Diablo" and Stano's Ultimate "Nakita". There are 9 girls and 2 boys in colors ranging from black, black brindle to lighter brindles and blues as well. Taking deposits now and recommend reserving now, as there are already half the litter spoken for! All potential buyers will be subject to an application screening process. The whelping of this litter will not be at our facility here in Chestermere, but rather in the home of the dam who is owned by our good friend Mark Leblanc in Calgary, Alberta. Both parents are registered with I.C.C.F. Please call Mark at (403)275-7400 or us at (403)510-1572 for more details and info on prices and what we offer. Pictures of pups coming soon!

Sire of Litter = Stano's Ultimate El Diablo
Born - April 05, 2007 out of Kane and Tigra
Weight - 128 lbs, Height - 29 inches at the shoulder
Color - Chestnut Brindle
Description - "D" is a very nice large male with a very high drive and a stable temperment. He excells in any work environment, and is trained in Obedience, Agility and Protection phase 1, and currently undergoing training for Phase 2 of these aforementioned courses as well as could very easily title in any protection sports including French Ring!! Diablo is littermate to our late Miss T. Buttercup. This is Diablo's second litter he has sired, the first one being last May 2009 with Stano's Ultimate Hera owned by Boundary Kennels, which resulted in 11 pups ranging in color from black brindle, chestnut brindle, blue brindle, blue, fawn and even the very rare formentino color!!

Dam of Litter = Stano's Ultimate Nakita
Born - November 24, 2007 out of Strykker and Vika
Weight - 110 lbs, Height - 26.5 inches at the shoulder
Color - Black Brindle with small white patches on chest and toes
Description - "Kita" is a very nice large female with a medium drive and a balanced temperment. She is very good around people and is an all around excellent representation of the breed. She is trained in Obedience, Agility Phase 1. She was pick female and is littermate to our Son of the Beast, Rogue. She possess a very athletic build, with nice chest to leg ratio, good for working purposes! This will be Kita's first litter to date.

LATEST LITTER #6 ANNOUNCEMENT!!- All puppies sold, thanks to all the new "Ultimate K-9 Parents" and also to those who enquired!! Look for our next breeding in the fall of 2010 or early 2011!!
Cane Corso Puppies born on November 14, 2008 out of Big Taurus Fury and Stano's Ultimate Miss T.Buttercup! There were 9 pups born all together, 5 males and 4 females. There are 4 blues and 5 dark brindles. They are all really healthy and vibrant. Temperments on these guys should be a bit softer than the norm, as both parents are quite laid back, and display very loving personalities. Look for upcoming pics of parents.

LITTER #5 ANNOUNCEMENT!!- All puppies sold, look for upcoming litters!
Cane Corso pups born November 24, 2007
5 females and 4 males in dark brindle, solid black, and solid blue!!
Sire of Litter = Stano's Ultimate Strykker del Rustic
Dam of Litter = Borealis Rus Virginia del Stano's Ultimate
This is a third time breeding for this pair. In the previous two breedings they have produced outstanding healthy, vibrant and huge dogs with excellent temperments. If you are looking for a working speciman, we have the right candidate for you! Look on our breeds page 3 for what we offer and prices. Pics of pups coming soon. Call for more info, on contact page. View pics of parents on breeds page 4.

LITTER #4 ANNOUNCEMENT!!- All puppies sold, look for upcoming litters!!
Cane Corso pups born June 03, 2007
5 males and 3 females in dark brindle and black!!
Sire of litter = Big Taurus "Furious" del Rustic
Dam of litter = Stano's Ultimate Ravenous "Raven"
Look on our breeds page 3 for what we offer and prices. Pics coming soon. Call for more info, on contact page.

LITTER #3 ANNOUNCEMENT!!-All puppies sold, stay tuned for upcoming litters!!!
Cane Corso Pups born April 05, 2007
8 males and 3 females in a variety of colors!
Sire of litter = Sirius's Chadwell Nobolese "Kane"
Dam of litter = Stano's Ultimate "El Tigra"
Look on our breeds page 3 for what we offer and prices. Call for more info, on contact page.
View pics of parents and pups on breeds page 4! Most pups reserved, but a few left for sale. Hurry act now for the "ULTIMATE" in protection!!